Que Sera Ladies Tours and Travel

We understand that some travellers prefer to see the world with their partner or close friend so if group travel is not for you let us know where in the world you wish to travel and we will prepare a unique itinerary just for you

“Relax – Explore – Discover….. New Friendships”We know many women out there are yearning to take the plunge and travel. You want to indulge your personal sense of adventure. You want to explore a remarkable country, city or culture and undertake this journey with like-minded female travel companions.

We provide unique and interesting small group itineraries catering exclusively for women.

We believe in keeping our tours small,  maximum 10, depending on the destination: in a relaxed manner so you can have some real ‘me time’ and take a step back from being ‘everybody’s everything’! Our tours are hassle-free with plenty of time to soak up the ambiance and explore, allowing for more free time, something that many women travellers appreciate. We tailor our tours to take the stress out of travelling where you can just sit back and let us take care of everything for you.

Imagine yourself sharing the joys of travelling with a small group of like-minded women who love to discover the history of a location, shop, enjoy good food and wine and above all, enjoy a laugh together. Many of our travellers have bonded and become life-long friends, it feels so rewarding to be part of this friendship as well.

We base ourselves in unique locations in 4-5 star hotels, B&B’s, villas & chateaux’s depending on the location of the tour and stay longer so you have the chance to live like a local. Since we operate each tour ourselves, our itineraries can be accommodating if something wonderful presents itself, which from past experience, can be a wow factor! Sometimes it’s the personal touches that stand out to the women on tour.

We have two new team members joining us, one guide will focus on our food and wine tours so you can really experience the epicurean delights just like a local. The other guide will be your shopping guru and show you the best buys and bargains throughout Europe, Asia and America.

Que Sera Tours have found that food & wine are one of the highlights on each tour where you can experience new taste sensations from the destinations we visit on each tour. We have invited an industry respected guide to make your experiences memorable and not only on tours designed especially for ladies but where Busby’s Tours invite men and women as well.

Our guided tours will take you to destinations that are beautiful, and yet most are undiscovered by crowds. Our itineraries are known for their originality, depth and focus. Your travel experiences will become a lifelong memory and the friendships that develop amongst our travellers keep them coming back time after time to journey together again.

We can also create you very own tour if you prefer to travel with a few of your friends, just let us know your desired locations and we will have an itinerary to you within a few days. On your tour you will also have one of our own guides with you all the way so you do not have to worry about transport, restaurants, flights etc. We are here to create your dream vacation.


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